With the purpose of starting an English school which had been a dearth to the area; a group of elite from Weligama pioneered to start this school with the initiative of 'Shasthrabhiwurdhisadhaka' Society  which was formed on 5th Feb 1926 at Siddhartha College.

The foundations were laid on 10th of June 1927 by Mr. H.W. Amarasooriya from Galle and was opened on 27th August 1927 by Mr. A. J. Wigethunga from Akuressa.

The administration of the newly built school was in the hands of the 'Shasthrabhiwurdhisadhaka' Society and Mudliyar  C. Jayasooriya was appointed as the manager of the school.

In commemoration of Weligama Sri Sumangala Thero; one of the well-known prelates of the island; this school was named Sri Sumangala Vidyalaya.

At the beginning there were 11 students and 2 teachers. Mr. Walter Jayawardena, Mrs. Jeslin De Silva assumed duties as the first principal and the first teacher respectively.The first student admitted was C. H. Sirisena.

On 14th May 1928 Miss. J. Mamuhewa assumed duties as a teacher and later Mr. L. M. Abeyweera and Mr L. H. Premadasa were appointed to the same position.

Observing the hygiene of the students and the cleanliness of the classrooms was exclusively remarkable during this period and it was swung into action stringent manner.

From 1928 Mr. P.D. De Zoyza and Mr. W. Buddhadasa served as the principals and in 1929 there was an outstanding improvement in achievements during the occupation of Mr. B.D.G.B .De Silva as the principal and many excelled in E.S.L.S Exam with flying colors keeping up the record of securing 100% results.

The school was registered at Y.M.B.A, Colombo under No 273 on 2nd December 1932.

Mr. H. W. Amarasooriya was empowered with the managerial position in 1935.

With the aim of constructing more buildings the school Drama Club staged dramas and all the profits gained were donated to the Construction Fund and with the contribution of the staff a new building was constructed and opened in 1937 by Mr. H.W. Amarasooriya .

In 1938 Mr. J. Ginige was appointed as the principal and paying an official visit by Sir Andrew Coldcott, the governor of Sri Lanka was memorable.

Mr. A. P. Dluwatta was nominated for the post of management of the school in 1940 and on 17th September the foundation stone for and new building was laid in the same year.

From 1940 to 1950 the following mentioned served as the principals.

Mr. L.H Premadasa.

Mr. S.R Wenthatheshwaran.

Mr. P.S.S Fernando.

Mr. G.E.U De Seram

Mr. A.G.G Perera

Mr. L. H. W Wilson Silva

Mr. Berty Jayasooriya

On 28th May in 1948 Mr. H.H Akolis Silva donated 15000/= to construct a laboratory in the school.

The period of Mr. Berty Jayasooriya was considered a milestone in the proceeding development of the school. Since the 1st of January in 1950 it was designated a government School by Mr. E. A Nugawela, the minister of Education after being a private school under the supervision of the government.

Four students out of 8 students those who sat for the A/L exam for the first time were selected to the university. That was a very remarkable incident, during the period of the principal; Mr. C. H. Rathnapala.

 After Mr. C. H. Rathnapala, the following principals handled the school.


The school Home Science Room was selected as a centre to hold G.C.E. Ordinary Level practical tests on 18th, 19th, 21st and 22nd January in 1963. That shows the school was in a progressive path.

The land proposed for Sri Sumangala Vidyalaya, Weligama was received from the Provincial Revenue Officer of Weligama Division on 27th of October 1964. There, the border stones of the land were shown to the principal and the tenure of the land was received.

Paintings were produced representing the school for a World Arts Exhibition for children, held in New Zealand in 1966.


The Advanced Level Science Section was established in the school, improving the qualitative development of education.

Under 19 Senior and Junior Handball and Drill Display championships were won by the school, at the sportsmeet conducted by Weligama Division in February 1972.

It was a memorable event that, over 500 students observed sil for the Poson Full Moon Poya Day in June 1972. It was led by the Buddhist Society under the guidance of K.Hemalankara Thero.

Due to the shortage of buildings, 11 classes from grade 1 to 5 were taken to the Methodist College in 1973.

 On January 3rd1974, the land named as “Bajjama Walawwa Waththa” was given to Sri Sumangala Maha Vidyalaya by the Provincial Revenue Officer.

On 17th March 1978, the senate of Weligama, and the Minister of Public Administration Mr. Montegu Jayawickkrama and the Honourable Minister of Education, Mr. Nissanka Wijerathna inspected the school premises and advised the officers of the ministry advised the officers of the ministry to donate a laboratory, a two storyed building, and necessary land to the school. On 17th March 1978, with the invitation of the Minister of Public Administration, Mr. Montegu Jayawickrama the Miniter of Education Mr.Nissanaka Wijerathana declared the as Sri Sumangala Balika Central College, promoting it as a Girls' school, sending the male students to the neighbouring school; Siddhartha College. This was done on school’s 50th anniversary and the celebration was held on 2nd May 1978.

Three more blocks of land were received by the school on 23rd of October 1978. As the first Madam Principal of the school, Mrs.H.Palihakkara was appointed on the same day. (23.10.1978)

On 07th of February 1979, with contribution of Sarvodaya and the guidance of the advisor of the Sarvodaya Organization, Rev. Munamalpe Sudassi, 250 grade 11 and 12 students did a shramadana campaign and a cultural festival, marking a turning point in the  history of the school.

24th  of March in 1979 is another red letter day of the school history. 16 years after 1963, the school sportsmeet was held, and on the same day, the Internal Affairs Minister opened the school name board, which was built by the Teacher-Parent Association. 

2nd December was considered as one of the golden days in the school history as foundation was laid for the school shrine room under the patronage of Mr. A.S.M.Hewawasam who was a past pupil of the Alma mateur.

In September 1980, the school’s senior and junior teams participated in the District Quiz Competition and the senior was victorious.

11th October 1986 was another special date in the school history. The Buddha statue, made at Mrs. S.J. Kulathunga’s home, was brought to the school shrine room in a dazzling pageant comprising staff of the school and students and placed at the shrine at 8:55 a.m. Since then, all arrangements have been made for students to do religious activities.

On 13th November 1980 the shrine was declared open at the auspicious time of 9.16 a.m. with a large number of participants including Major Montegu Jayawrickrema and the Regional Director of Education. On this date the school was designated the most reputed school in the district and 54 books were donated to the school library by Mr. Palitha Weeraman.

In 1981, the school received a two storied building. On January 31st 1981, 500 students dazzlingly performed a drill display on reception of the Sri Lankan President of that time and the Prime Minister of Singapore. On 31st August 1984 Madam Mrs. H Palihakkara, the school principal, handed over all her duties to Mrs. M. K. Chandralatha before leaving for a scholarship for foreign training given by the Ministry of Education.

At that time, the number of students studying in at this school increased and dancing and sports were popular islandwide. In 1984, under 17 volleyball team won the gold medal for the islandwide volleyball championship and won 1000 rupees. In 1985, under 19 team was runners up in the volleyball championship. Also in 1985, the senior dancing and drama team were runners up in their respective competitions. In 1986, in the island dancing competition, the dancing troupe won the first place. One of the greatest victories was in 1987, when the group and solo dancing teams won the first place for the all island low country dancing competition.

After the foreign training, Madam Mrs. H Palihakkara assumed duties as the principal of the school on 15th July 1985


In March 1987, the school celebrated its 60th anniversary with a pirith ceremony followed by alms giving the following day. Dignitary in Sri Lanka, Mr. John de Silva participated in the pirith ceremony which was a special event.

In July 1987, the school senior dance troupe first emerged the all island classical low country dancing category and Janaki Dharmasiri won the first place in the senior all island low country solo catergory.

Due to civil unrest in the country and security reasons, four teachers were allocated to ensure the safety of the school premises before the start of school each day.

The following dancing troupe (groups and solo) won the first places for the All Island Dancing Competition held at Prince of Wales College, Moratuwa from 02.01.1988 to 04.01.1988 winning the following titles.

  • Senior low country solo women (Janaki Dharmasiri)
  • Senior low country group category - women
  • Junior low country solo – women

In 1988, Mrs S.M. Seraratne was appointed as the new principal and under her Guidance and supervision of the principal the school gained a lot of achievements. This school was named the best school at the State Literature Festival in 1990.

In September 1990, Under 19 Gymnastic team received victory in the National School Sports Festival.

2nd April, 1999 was a red letter day when the school IT Unit was declared open by the Education Minister Mrs. Sunethra Ranasinghe.

In 1993, three students were eligible to take part in the All Island English Day Competition while 25 students succeeded at both Divisional and Provinicial levels. The start of the travelling programme “Sumagul Serisara” organized by the school science section was another land mark in the history of Sumangala B.V.

27th February 1994 was a very memorable day in the school history when the school was designated a National School. 27th March 1994 was written in gold as the naming ceremony was held with the participation of Educational Minister, Mr. W. J.M. Lokubandara.

Although the primary section of the school was administered separately, the primary section of the school was combined with the school since 1994 and all the documents and authority related to the primary section were mandated to Maha Vidyalaya.

In 1994, our students got the first for the low country group dance and "Giri Devi" junior category in the All Island Dancing and Ballet Competition.

On 29th April 1995, the principal Mrs. K.G.C Mallika Dias assumed duties as the principal.

On 1st January 1996, the three storied building which was constructed for the Advanced Level Science Section was opened.

In 1996, our students obtained the first place of two music categories and secured the second place for the dancing category in the Provincial Level Dancing and Music Competition.

On 23rd October 1996 a treaty was signed related to obtaining telecommunication facilities to school.

75th anniversary was celebrated in May 1997 and simultaneously anniversary brochure was launched to mark the event of diamond jubilee and opened the school bank

Laid the foundation for the new three storied building on 1st August 1997.

A special unit was launched for the hearing impaired students.

Conducted a seminar and a walk on anti- drugs and narcotics in 1998.

Implemented a series of programmes to mark the International Peace Day with the contribution of two schools; MR/Arfa and Sahira College.

Obtained the first place for “Nanu Muraya” and “Magul Ragaya in All Island Dancing Competition.

On 5th November 1995 a programme was initiated with the participation of 35 students from grade 7 to provide dinner for the residential elderly at Elders’ home, Rumassala and a special cultural programme was organized.

On 20th January 1999 the Principal Mrs. K.G.C Mallika Dias went abroad to receive a foreign training from Nipa Institute, New Delhi.

A three storied building which was laid foundations on 1st August 1997 was opened on 20th March 1999.

Obtained the first place of the drama 'Abhinikmana' which was conducted and assisted by the Canadian Friendship Foundation to mark the World Women’s Day and the school received a cash price of Rs. 10,000.

The Colombo branch of Old Pupils' Association of the school was launched at the conference hall of the Ceylon Buddhist Congress at Buddhaloka Mawatha chaired by the venerable Weligama Damminsara Thero.

School Traffic Control Committee was officially established on 15th of January 2001.

On 12th June 2001- The junior and senior bands were started.

With the purpose of uplifting the standard of a rural school and promoting goodwill of the school stationary were distributed to the students of Yahangala K. V., Kudagam Wissa K.V. and Udamalala Vidyalaya in Hambantota district on 21st of September 2001.

The principal, Mrs. K. G. C. Mallika took retirement on 6th June 2003.

Mr. R. M. Premathilaka assumed duties as the new principal on 7th June 2003.

A computer unit consisted of 20 computers donated by the Education Department in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank on 25th of July 2003. It was opened by the District Parliamentarian Minister of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources, the Deputy Minister of Southern Development, Mrs. Mahinda Wijesekara.

The Media Unit and the radio brodcasting “Sisu Nada” was commenced on 3rd of September 2003.

Champika Chaturangani of grade 11 secured the 2nd place in the All Island Junior Inventors' Competition organized by Sri Lanka Engineers' Institute, Wijerama Road, Colombo 7 in October 2003. She was awarded a silver medal, a certificate and a cash prize for her achievement.

There was a vacancy for the post of the principal as Mr.N.M. Premathilaka assumed his duties in Siddartha College, Weligama.

There was a large scale religious ceremony under the guidance of Dampahala Thero on 24thof December 2004 in order to commemorate the teachers & the students those who became the victims of dreadful Tsunami disaster.

The building complex which was donated by Switzerland was opened on the 23rd of June 2008.

In 2008 our school won the 1st place of the Best Annual Report and Accounts Competition of National Schools in Matara District organized by the Association of Accounting and Technology in collaboration of the Ministry of Education. It was a great achievement in our history.

Nishani Mendis, a student in grade 9 won the 2nd place in an essay competition which was held in collaboration to the 'Deyata Kirula' Exhibition.

Philatelic Society was established on the 5th of February 2009.

Mathematics Section was opened on the 19th of March 2009 and an exhibition was held in parallel to it.

Furniture was donated to the library on the 23rd of July 2009 by Mrs. Gladi Abeysekara, the daughter of Mudliyar C. Jayasuriya who was the 1st manager of the school.

For the second time the school won the first place of the Best Annual Report and Accounts Competition of National Schools in Matara District organized by the Association of the Accounting and Technology.

Books were donated to the school library by the International Buddhist Society in 2009.

In 2009 the name of our school Sri Sumangala College was included in Thousand Secondary Schools Development Programme. It was written in gold in our history.

In 2010 school dancing troupe won the 1st place at the zonal level All Island Dancing and Ballet Competition. It was a great victory to our school.

A Tree Planting Campaign was organized on 12th of November 2011 with the help of the District Secretariat Office to mark the anniversary of presidency.

Three storied building was opened on 24th of June 2011 given by the Education Department.

Technology was introduced to the A/L stream in 2013.

Mahindodya Technical Laboratory was opened in July 2014. It was an asset given to the students who started their A/L’s in Technology stream.

Mr Wasantha Dukganarala, veteran journalist was the chief guest in the “Nimnada Media Day” which was held on 6th of March 2014.

“Subasa” function which was organized by the Sinhala Unit was held with the participation of Mr Krishantha Fedrick, senior lecturer in Sinhala and Linguistic Science.

Mahindodya Laboratories were gifted to the school in 2015 was another great even in our school history.

The school won the first place at the Best Annual Report and Accounts Competition of National Schools in Matara District organized by the Association of Accounting and Technology for the third time in succession in 2015.

  • Laying the foundation stone

(on the 10th June, 1927)

  • Establishment of the school

(on the 27th August, 1927)

  • Designation as a state school

(on the 1st January, 1950)

  • Stabilization as  a Girls’ Central College

 (on the 2nd May, 1978)

  • Official Declaration as a National School under the category of 1AB

(on the 27th February, 1994)

  • Standardizing to the level of a Secondary School

(in 2012)

Sri Sumangala Balika Vidyalaya with her roots sprawling over a history which dates back many years with two teachers and 11 students has now earned the reputation as a leading school in the Matara District. The well-reputed alma mater which lies in the heart of Weligama town further establishes its indelible fame becoming the guiding star that has illuminated the path of myriads of lives for generations in sequence. The Sumangala Balika Vidyalaya proves the richness in its human resources with the risen figures of 99 and 2000 representing teachers and students accordingly.

The school inevitably deserves the credit for its tremendous and commendatory service in the long run providing the students with a more conducive learning atmosphere for 90 years and making a positive contribution towards the essential development of their cognitive, psychomotor and affective aspects along with the high moral standards. 


Past Principals who Rendered a Great Service

1.               Mr. Wolter Jayewardhane

1927.09.01 -1928.05.11

2.               Mr. P.D. de Zoyza

1928.05.11 -1928.07.01

3.               Mr. W. Buddhadasa

1928.08.01 -1929.07.01

4.               Mr. B.D.P. de Silva

1929.07.01 -1937.05.01

5.               Mr. J. Ginige

1937.05.11 -1941.11.25

6.               Mr. S.R. Wenkatheshwaram

1941.11.28 -1942.01.16  (Acting)

7.               Mr. L.H. Premadasa

1942.01.16 -1944.01.24

8.               Mr. S.R. Wenkatheshwaram

1944.01.24 -1945.06.04

9.               Mr. P.S.S. Fernando

1945.06.04 -1947.01.13

10.           Mr. G.R.U. Seram

1947.01.13 -1948.02.01

11.           Mr. A.G.G. Perera

1948.02.01 -1949.01.17

12.           Mr. L.H.W. Wilson Silva

1949.01.01 -1949.08.01  (Acting)

13.           Mr. Berty Jayasooriya

1949.08.01 -1951.07.03

14.           Mr. Thanthragoda

1951.07.03 -1954.05.03

15.           Mr. S.P. de Silva

1954.05.03 -1955.01.01  (Acting)

16.           Mr. H.L. Rathnapala

1955.01.01 -1962.06.30

17.           Mr. S.G. Punchihewa

1962.06.30 -1965.05.03

18.           Mr. L.A. de S Pragnadasa

1965.05.03 -1966.05.07

19.           Mr. H.W. Wilson Silva

1966.05.07 -1969.04.26

20.           Ven. Payagala Palitha Thero

1969.04.26 -1969.09.01

21.           Mr. B. Manawadu

1969.09.01 -1970.09.16

22.           Mr. B.W. Sugathadasa

1970.09.16 -1978.10.23

23.           Mrs. H. Palihakkara

1978.10.23 -1982.05.15

24.           Mrs. M.K. Chandralatha

1982.05.15 -1983.02.09

25.           Mrs. H. Palihakkara

1983.02.09 -1984.08.31

26.           Mrs. M.K. Chandralatha

1984.08.31 -1985.07.15

27.           Mrs. H. Palihakkara

1985.07.18 -1985.08.26

28.           Mrs. M.K. Chandralatha

1985.08.26 -1986.01.16

29.           Mrs. Sujatha M.Senarathna

1986.01.10 -1995.04.19

30.           Mrs. K.G.C. Mallika Dias

1995.04.19 - 2003'06'06

31.           Mr. R. Premathilaka

2003.06.07 - 2004.10.06  (Acting)

32.           Mrs. U.R. Yasawathi

2004.10.07 - 2004.10.28  (Acting)

33.           Mrs. Anoma Dahanayake

2004.10.29 - 2013.12.23

34.           Mrs. W.A.K. Sandalatha

2013.12.24 - 2015.02. 28 (Acting)

35.           Mrs. K.W.I. Manel

2015. 02. 09 to present  (Acting)