To upgrade the standards of the school to its best secondary level in Matara District.


To mould intellectuals mingled with virtues in a more conducive environment.


 The best endeavors should be taken by one's own self. 





Logo Final 2


  1. The school uniform consists of a white dress, a red tie, a white pair of shoes and socks and black ribbons.
  2. Long hair should be parted in the middle to be worn in pig tails with their ends folded and tied with black coloured ribbons while short hair should not touch the upper part of the collar.
  3. The width of the front part of the collar should be 3.5 inches.
  4. Each sleeve should be of 6 inches just above the elbow level to hang loose.
  5. The upper part of the dress should reach the elbow length in the correct standing posture.
  6. The upper part of the dress should be worn loose.
  7. The width of the belt should be 1.5 inches.
  8.  The width of the pleats should be of 2 inches and they should be arranged and stitched anti-clock wise.
  9. The lower part of the dress should be at the knee length.
  10. The tie should be worn at the length of 3 inches from the lower hem of the belt.
  11. The badge should be stitched on the left side of the upper part of the dress a little gap below the front corner the collar.
  12. The pair of shoes and socks should be white in colour.