The 90th Anniversary of Sri Sumangala Balika Vidyalaya (1927-2017)


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A land mark occasion in the school history

Sri Sumangala Balika Vidyalaya has earned its reputation as one of the best renowned school in the region by now with its firm roots in 1927 as an irregular settlement. From time to time it has undergone a series of slight amendments with regard to its name as 'Sri Sumangala Vidyalaya' and 'Sri Sumangala Central College', finally establishing its very name to be 'Sri Sumangala Balika Vidyalaya' in the long-term manifestation of its glory remarkably producing a vast number of erudite personnel.

A series of programmes as follows has been designed to coincide with the land mark occasion of the school's 90th anniversary in 2017 with the initiative of the principal, Mrs. K. W. I. Manel.

  • Publication of a souvenir magazine
  • Holding alms preceded by a Pirith Ceremony
  • A blood donation campaign for the social well-being
  • A ceremonial occasion to hold the teachers now in their retirement in esteem and as a token of tribute to them
  • Restoration work of the shrine
  • Launching a video on the school preserving its indelible and precious memories
  • Launching Scholarship Programmes

The implementation of the scheduled ventures would be a winning combination of the dedicated academic and non-academic staffs along with the enthusiasts to prove their concerted efforts.

The school has gone down in the history stepping up on the top rung of the ladder of success with 11 students achieving their high academic standards to obtain 3 A's in the G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination.

The incentives of the alumni in every nook and cranny reinforce the reputation of Sumangala Balika Vidyalaya gratifying our wishes on behalf of the alma mater.

We firmly believe that the Alumni Association would further go hand-in-hand with us, the school community being a pillar of strength when and where necessary to illuminate its path way to the uppermost success.

By P. G. A. Nihal,

Assistant Principal